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AG旗舰厅官网Tester devices

On-line Electrical Testing (ICT)
SST ICT Capability
1、Analyze test coverage rate
2、Setup test program
3、DFT for improving test coverage rate
4、Design and Fabricate ICT fixture (Outsourcing)

Testable PCB Size: 500mm x 350mm
The Maximum Test points(pins):2560 pins
Measuring Range:
AG旗舰厅官网 Resistance1.0Ω~40MΩ Transistor:±5V

AG旗舰厅官网Capacitance: 1.0pF~40mF Zenor

Zenor Diode:0.1V~48V



Open/Short check:1.5sec/1000pins, approx 0.9msec~30msec
Double Test pins for multi-layers test points:
Fault coverage: Component missing, open, short, wrong component, wrong polarity
On-line Electrical Testing (FCT 1/4)
NI PXI (Chassis 1042+Controller 8105)
8-slot 3U PXI Chassis with Universal AC
NI Data Acquisition PXI,PCI
1.Data acquisition
2.I/O control
On-line Electrical Testing (FCT 2/4)
Agilent Programmable DC Power Supplies E3649A
1. Provide clean power, excellent regulation and a fast transient response with built-in GPIB and RS-232 interfaces.
2. DC out put: 0~25V@7A or 0~50V@4A
Keithley2306 Dual Channel Battery/Charger Simulator
Output (Battery)
1. Output voltage:0~15VDC
2. Output Accurancy:±(0.05%+3mV)
Output (Charger)
1. Output voltage:0~15VDC
2. Output accurancy: :±(0.05%+10mV)
On-line Electrical Testing (FCT 3/4)
KONICA MINOLTA Luminance & Color Meters CS-100A
Measure luminance and standard color value properties of colored light sources
Agilent E5515E 8960 Series 10 Wireless Communications Test Set
Bench top RF parametric measurements and network emulation with
full connectivity to the internet for CDMA2000®, W-CDMA/HSPA, 1xEV-DO, and GSM/GPRS/EGPRS wireless devices
General Instrument & Microchip
(Ex: Oscilloscope, Millivolt-meter, FM/TV Signal generator,
RF Amplifer, DVB signal generator, Hi-pot tester, AC source, Digital power meter,GPIB card …)
FCT Development Capability
1、Special test plan setup according to customer requirement
2、Work point Voltage & current collection and test
3、Frequency test
4、Image collection and analysis (Including CVBS,S-VIDEO,YUV,RGB)
5、HDMI signal collection and test
6、Analog Audio and Digital Audio collection and test
7、I/O control
8、IC driver program
9、Flash/EPROM/CPLD on line programming
10、Test report and MSA&CPK analysis
FCT Applications
Shaver ATE System Diagram