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AG旗舰厅官网Quality System

同时,公司还通过Philips的UAT534,UAT520审核以及Dell QSA、QPA审核

Quality – Other Certificates or Audit
Pass Wal-Mart FCCA (Factory Capability & Capacity Assessment) & ES (Ethical Stands) Audit in Y2010

Quality – SQM 1/2
New supplier on site qualification ; BSD (Banned Substances Directive) agreement signed, including PVC (Polyvinyl chloride resin ) &BFR (Brominated Flame Retardant) free requirements ;

Quality – SQM 2/2

1、Monthly SRS (supplier rating system), On-site support for quality improvement;
2、CTQ (Critical to Quality)setting with supplier for key components;
3、Regular Quality review meeting with supplier.