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AG旗舰厅官网Customer focus team

•Define what a Customer Focus Team is
•Identify the Objectives of a Customer Focus Team
•List the types of Behaviour Expected from team members
•Understand the Roles and Responsibilities of the Members of the Customer Focus Team
•Review the Customer Focus Team Key Business Indicators (KBIs) and the primary data providers / presenters
Review the Standard Agenda for a Customer Team meeting and the primary leader for each agenda item

Two Key Objectives
1. Customer Satisfaction 2. Business Performance

Behaviours Expected
•Customer Focus Recognise that the team exists to focus on the customer and his requirements.
•Service attitude Understands that we operate a service business and is willing to be flexible, innovative, and “go the extra mile” in delivering services to the customer.
•Results Driven Motivated to achieve and exceed goals
•Business Performance Focus Understands all team metrics and willing at anytime to help achieve and exceed them
•Cross-functional Teamwork Actively engages with other team members to help find solutions where needed, and represents their function at the CFT.
•The team acts as a unit to achieve objectives The team is essentially a small business set up to delight a customer and meet business performance objectives. The contribution of each individual must be aligned to this common goal.
•Successful performance as part of the team is part of each member’s job Membership of a CFT gives members the opportunity to learn more about the entire business and contribute to business performance achievement. It should be seen as an integral part of their job.