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1、According to Customer business characteristic and requirement to provide the overall service what from the suppliers/vendors choice & manangement, purchase raw materials,manufacturing, process control,meet the deliver expection, such as the end to end service.
2、We are flexable on the kinds of shipping reqirement as CKD, SKD,PCBA,BOX-Building;
3、We also can offer a lot of business type, for example: export,transportion,sale in domestic market, etc;
4、We can make the difference, expecially about the DFX during the project earlier stage.

1、In the industry product filed, we can provide the design service from ID, Hardward design, Software design, Design verfication to the product mass production;
2、During the internally R&D project management process, we always follow the IPD process (EVT→DVT→PVT→MPS)to    tmonitorhe overall quality management, thru. The CTQ of ensure the quality and meet the OTD target;
3、We can identify the license before the register project, and apply for the related saft identification, testing service;